Rudy Giuliani appealing $148 million settlement to 2 Black women in Georgia

The two former Georgia election workers who won a $148 million defamation judgment against Rudy Giuliani can only hope that Rudy Giuliani doesn’t get out of paying the settlement, especially since he has continued to spread the lies that lead to the court case in the first place.

The former New York mayor is appealing the verdict that ordered him to pay two former Fulton County election workers $148 million in a defamation case, per media reports Wednesday.

The disgraced former New York mayor and Trump cohort was found guilty of defamation against a mother and daughter who worked Georgia election polls during the infamous 2020 election. Giuliani falsely accused the women of election tampering and on Dec. 11 after being found guilty of defaming Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea Moss he was ordered to pay the women $148 million for damages and the pain he caused them.

However, Giuliani after conceding in court that he lied about the women’s involvement in election fraud, and admitted that his claims were not true, on Monday, Dec. 18 decided to return to repeating lies about the mother and daughter and insisted he would prove it although he decided against making those claims in court.

The two women became central targets in the controversy which perpetuated the Big Lie and false claims that Trump had won the 2020 presidential election.

“My mother and I didn’t seek out the spotlight,” Moss said in a statement to “ABC News.” “We just wanted to do our part to make democracy work well for everyone … and we’re incredibly honored to receive this recognition.”

Moss and Freeman, two dedicated Fulton County election workers testified before a Jan. 6 House Committee and described in detail how their lives and livelihoods were flipped upside down after Trump and Giuilani accused the two women of engaging in election fraud at State Farm Arena calling them “professional election scammers and hustlers.”

“I wouldn’t wish the hate and fear we experienced on anyone,” Freeman said in a statement to ABC News. “But what has lifted our spirits is the outpouring of support we’ve received from people who love this country and our democracy as much as we do.”

In January of 2023 President Joe Biden awarded the mother and daughter the Presidential Citizens Medal at a White House ceremony.


Giuliani was also admonished by U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell who ruled against Giuliani in the case for attempting to portray himself as the victim in this case and claiming that he cannot afford to pay damages to the women in addition to more than $130,000 in legal fees he’s already being directed to pay.

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