Family Foundations Early Head Start creates equal opportunity for school readiness and success

For more than 20 years, the Family Foundations Early Head Start program has been helping low-in­come families with chil­dren under 3 get off to a positive, healthy start. The program’s goal is to help kids enter school confident­ly and prepared for success. To do that, Family Foun­dations Early Head Start focuses on infants/toddlers’ physical, social, and emo­tional health, as well as thinking and movement skills.

Family Foundations Ear­ly Head Start is personal­ized to each family through weekly home visits that include fun activities like baby Yoga, mommy and me time, and group outings. The personalization in­cludes valuing and honor­ing parents/caregivers and the choices they’ve made for themselves and their families.

Early Head start staff are kind, caring, and well-trained people who can help parents/caregivers create a reliable support system within the program as well as with other com­munity organizations that help to strengthen parents/ caregivers social and emo­tional mental health.

For more information, vis­it the Family Foundations Early Head Start website by logging on to www.pitt. edu and searching “Office of Child Development.” On the Office of Child Devel­opment site, scroll down to “Our Work” and click on “Early Head Start.”

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