Guest Editorial: Black History, politics and war

It is ironic that this Black History Month is one of the most unique since the celebration of this holiday!
Former president Donald Trump has lost a legal battle. He has been charged with fraud, and has been fined in a New York fraud case. The case has resulted in a judgment of $354 million. Moreover, his sons Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump have been fined $4 million each, and former CFO Allen Weisselberg has to pay $100 million.
In addition, Trump’s golf resort and real estate empires have been targeted.
Trump and his sons are banned from running the Trump Organization, though there may be modifications to that judgment—they may no longer have their New York operating licenses targeted. Trump has been charged with fraud by New York State Attorney General Letitia James. James was responsible for winning the civil fraud case against Trump. Letitia James is an African American.
Trump is charged with orchestrating the January 6 insurrection on the nation’s Capitol and has admitted to fascist leanings. He has demonstrated admiration for them, and their ideologies. Actually, he appears to hate the United States!
In spite of this, he is the front-runner among the GOP, in a bid for the U.S. presidency and is very close to President Joe Biden in the polls.
President Biden, however, has received the support of African Americans.
Trump has turned the GOP upside down; it is said that a number of GOP Congressional members have actually resigned due to Trump’s antics.
Trump is running a “cult” under the guise of the GOP. He is an unofficial ruler of the GOP and has turned the Republican Party into something unrecognizable. And even though the GOP has power, they have not been successful. Party members have lobbied for certain legislation but then change their minds; they are basically responsible for Congressional chaos. They are ruining America.
America is at WAR with itself! In an attempt to deflect from his fraud charges, Trump initiated an attack on Fani Willis, the Fulton County DA. She has been accused of malfeasance because she hired Nathan Wade, a former lover, as Special Prosecutor and has allegedly benefitted financially as a result. Trump and his team are attempting to have her removed from his case. Fani Willis is African American.
The forgoing represents just a few of the outrageous behaviors connected with life in America since ‘Trump World’ started a war against America and, by extension, against African Americans. Some people think there is a possibility that African Americans will be catapulted back to the past if he is re-elected.
Of all the things Trump has done, arguably the most egregious is that of using ageist-violence against President Joe Biden. As a result, a wave of anti-age rhetoric is sweeping America, and this movement is increasingly embraced by African Americans. Because of this, there is a danger that Trump’s strategies could help him catch the golden ring and get re-elected; African Americans would help him!
One of the things that Americans, and especially African Americans, need to do is to politically educate themselves.
For example, it is frustrating to hear people, especially African Americans, say, “I don’t pay attention to politics, and I don’t vote.”
Think on this – if you are one of these people you are warring against yourself—voters have input as to how things happen in America. If Trump gets into office, there are a lot of things that will change. African Americans, in particular, should take heed.
Think about the recent past wherein African Americans just got the right to vote. Most of them have been mistreated in this country and just recently made progress in America. If someone like Trump gets into office, most likely Blacks might end up going “backwards” and losing some of the progress that has been made in America.
Take heed, take control and VOTE! Moreover, enjoy what remains of Black History Month. A Luta Continua.
Reprinted from the Chicago Crusader

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