Inside Conditions: Kenny Pickett’s ‘goose’ has been cooked

No pouting allowed—Steelers revamp quarterback room


On March 15, 2024, ex-Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos quar­terback Russell Wilson signed a 1-year, $1.2-mil­lion contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many fools, oops I meant folks, considering the way that Wilson was treated during the 2023 season by the Broncos “head-roach,” or Head Coach Sean Pay­ton, thought he would be a backup at best to Kenny Pickett and help mentor him in mundane things like moving the chains and getting first downs….ya know, minor stuff like that.

Whoever advised and prompted Kenny Pickett to demand a trade must have had relatives who were scalpers who sold two two-for-one, one-way discount tickets to the Titanic, complete with a cabin that guaranteed an oceanside view. Be­fore, after, or whenever Russell Wilson completed the transaction with the Steelers, Kenny Pickett was informed that Wilson occupied “the pole posi­tion.”

Somewhere along the way, Pickett demanded to be traded. Afterward, the Omar Khan “bullet train” was spotted idling outside of Acrisure Stadium wait­ing to transport the now ex-Steelers and new Ea­gles QB with “warp speed” to “the city of brotherly love.”

I’m not sure if Kenny Pickett is hyped about playing in a city that had a magistrate’s court on the lower level to keep rabble-rousers in check. There was an article in post­ed on Jan. 29, 2023, that reported: “There was a jail at Lincoln Financial Field, but it was shut down shortly after it was opened. The Eagles’ old home, Veterans Stadium, had a jail for unruly fans that lasted awhile.” Hey Kenny, good luck if you de­cide not to dress in Philly.

Pittsburgh Post-Ga­zette sportswriter and guru Gerry Dulac recent­ly posted this on X: “The Steelers made the move because of the way Pickett was poorly handling the arrival of Russell Wilson, according to sources. That came on the heels of Pick­ett’s behavior last season when he refused to dress as the emergency third quarterback in Seattle in Week 17.”

First and foremost, Ger­ry Dulac is not going to post anything that might be in the ballpark of slan­der or libel.

Also, Mark Madden, the Pittsburgh area sports in­stigator, had this to say on X about the “King” Ken­ny trade. “Small hands, big ego, no b___s. Fare­well to a gutless coward who’s running away from failure to hide across the state. Anybody doubt that Seattle story now? BIG ***KING BABY. Arrogant w/o accomplishment. I was right all along. HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW! I ac­cept your apologies.”

On March 18, Victoria Hernandez posted the fol­lowing on “Kenny Pickett sees Ea­gles trade as a ‘reset,’ ‘con­fident’ in leaving Steel­ers on good terms.” She writes: “Pickett said the move is a ‘reset’ after a tumultuous season in the Steel City when he had ankle surgery and was demoted from the starting role.”

Now hear this, his pal­try 6 touchdowns against 4 picks and his half-game heroics, simply did not cut the mustard. He was not demoted because of his injury. Pickett’s injury and the insertion of Ma­son Rudolph exposed the reality that the Steelers needed an option for the future and that option was not Kenny Pickett. Hernandez went on to quote Kenny Pickett as saying: “It just felt like it was time from the things that transpired and want­ed to get a chance to go somewhere else to contin­ue to grow my career….I just think it’s a good reset. I think getting a chance to play on this team in that quarterback room with a couple great guys, helping those guys out any way I can and just be ready if my number’s called some­where down the road. It’s a crazy, crazy league, cra­zy business, just trying to put my best foot forward and be an asset for this team. I think the commu­nication is what it is, it was behind closed doors….I’m confident in the way that I handled it. I handled it the way I should’ve han­dled it. I’m excited to be here. It worked out so well that Philly was the place I ended up landing in, so I think everything happens for a reason and I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Liar, liar, _ss on fire. C’mon. “Just trying to put my best foot forward and be an asset for this team.” Where was his best foot when he became “baby Huey,” showcasing behav­ior that indicated that he may have surmised incor­rectly that he was the en­titled one and his number one QB position was sim­ply going to be dropped back into his lap even in light of his atrocious per­formances? After that ju­venile behavior and once Mason Rudolph signed with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent, did Pick­ett incorrectly surmise that any additional quar­terback brought into the QB room would be there strictly as his backup? Well, in my circle of criti­cal thinkers: “Homey don’t play that.” Or in 2024 jar­gon, “Homies don’t play that.” Homies in this case are Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan. Once Pickett faced the reality that he was going to face the pros­pect of being demoted to a second-string and maybe a third-string QB position, he reneged when faced with being a part of a gen­uine quarterback compe­tition. He pulled the “I’m a first-round draft pick” card. The Steelers replied, “What do you mean Ke­mosabe?” You are now a former first-round pick.

In addition to that, there is not even a slight QB crisis in Philly. If Jalen Hurts continues to put up the rushing and passing numbers that he has been putting up, over past sea­sons and remains healthy, Kenny Pickett might fig­ure on getting in a game during the preseason or at the end of games that are out of hand or getting inserted in meaningless end-of-the-season games when the Eagles have clinched a postseason berth. It is not Thanks­giving in March, but for all intents and purposes, Kenny Pickett’s “goose” has been cooked



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