Overtime: Ohtani….something doesn’t add up here…???!!

:10—Never-you-mind about “Shohei Ohtani,” the newly crowned baseball zillionaire “locked” down by the Los Angeles Dodg­ers, I’ll get back to him in a moment. BTW hold on to that word “locked” cause somebody gonna! But it’s “Ippei Mizuhara,” his interpreter, you better pray for because all the powers to be are going to dump the entire blame on him. In the famous words of somebody famous… if you have “a posse,” you have to have a “fall guy!” In other words, there will always be a need for some­one to take the blame.

:09—Back to “Ohtani,” first of all we all know that Japanese people are smarter than us (oh shut-up please. You know I am right, you’re just scared to say it out loud!). That being said, there is no way on God’s green earth he didn’t know $4.5 mil­lion was gone from his $700 million…trust me, he knew how much and where it was going! But listen to me Little “John­ny” and you, too, Little “Suzie,” if you think Ma­jor League Baseball is about to shut down this cash cow…well, if you do, I have a Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh Steeler shirt to sell ya!!! (Sorry, Kenny, my bad…too soon?….Best in Philly…]

:08—I know, I know, the first thing you want to shout out is “Pete Rose” and look what they did to him. Well, I can guaran­tee you this…if Pete was worth $700 million when he got caught betting, some guy named “Joe Whats-A-Matter-You” would still be in jail for being “the fall guy” then. I am just sayin’.

:07—Incidentally, and for the record, I don’t have a dog in this fight and it doesn’t matter to me. I think all athletes on any level should be allowed to bet on any sport but their own. That being said, if you think for one moment that pro and college ath­letes don’t get their bet in through third party… then you really should come get this “Pickett Shirt”…no, seriously!

:06—Speaking of Ken­ny Pickett…yet again. I won’t be anymore, unless he beats out Jalen Hurts for the Eagles starting QB job. (Yeah right!) So shut up about, in the words of Hall and Oates…“He’s gone!” (OK, OK, but I hate when I have to do this. Hall and Oates, blue-eyed soul brothers who sang Black…#1 hit record “She’s gone”…c’mon man, try to keep up.

:05—Who’s Cameron Johnston you ask? He’s the new Pittsburgh Steel­er who will be able to punt the ball more than 20 yards. Now in his sev­enth season, he signed a three-year contract with your Pittsburgh Steelers. He entered the NFL as a free agent in 2017 and spent three years with the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s played in 95 games, with a gross average of 47.3 yards and a net average of 42.4 yards and has hit a punt of at least 60 yards in each of his first six sea­sons. HOORAH!!!

:04—I told ya from the gate I know nothing about hockey and there’s no shame. The fact that they’re the worst team in town now makes that OK. Ha!

:03—Speaking of the worst team in town, they may only hold that dis­tinction a few more weeks until the Pirates get here. But keep hope alive. They’re leading spring training in home runs, Oneil Cruz is alive and fantastic at shortstop and Mitch Keller, David Bed­nar and soon-to-be rookie superstar Paul Skenes should keep it respect­able!

:02—Of course I didn’t forget, I am the only one who predicted the upset over BYU in the opening round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. So a huge tip of the cap to Coach Keith Dambrot for all he did this year and all he did to resurrect the program in his seven-year run. And for the team, “Let’s Go Duquesne…Let’s Go Duquesne…Let’s Go Duquesne!!!”

:01—Please be reminded that “CHAMPIONS LIVE SPORTS TALK SHOW” is in full gear this Thursday at the Comfort Inn Penn Hills, 6 to 8 p.m., free ad­mission, you’re required to eat and/or drink, fea­turing local sports celebs, fun, food and prizes, 412-628-4856 for info.




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