Inside Conditions: Black quarterbacks in some people’s eyes are ‘temporary’ and ‘disposable’

Merriam-Webster de­fines temporary as, “one serving for a limited time.” Webster also defines the word disposable as, “de­signed to be used once or only a limited number of times and then thrown away.”

The old saying used to be, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” However, in the case of the “free sling­ing” Pittsburgh Steelers, “March came in like a lamb and is departing like an ‘entire pride of lions.’”

In just a matter of days the Black and Gold pulled off player acquisitions and trades that, less than a month ago, would have been viewed as unreal­istic. They retained the services of two top-tiered NFL quarterbacks for less than the cost that most teams pay for inviting a star NFL QB out to lunch. However, instead of laud­ing and applauding such great business decisions, (as they did in the case of the Atlanta Falcons new 180-million-dollar QB Kirk Cousins), many right-leaning sports pun­dits are strangling the Black and Gold QB room before the QBs take a sin­gle snap in 2024. A few of these “storytellers” are not fly-by-night scribes trying to hack into the NFL da­tabase, these are so-called “legitimate” sports report­ing outlets.

It would be OK if Russell Wilson was to beat out the younger QB Kenny Pick­ett but would stay on as a mentor for Kenny Pick­ett. But no, Russell Wilson can’t serve as a mentor to the young ex-Chicago Bears starting QB, Justin Fields. These two QBs of color must participate in a 2024 symbolic “cockfight,” a modern-day gladiatorial “battle to the death.” Re­member Russell Wilson and Justin Fields signed one one-year contracts, so that makes them expend­able. Jenna Lemoncelli re­cently posted an article on titled: “NFL exec ‘could see’ Steelers cutting Russell Wilson before season.” She wrote: “One NFL executive isn’t sold on the Russell Wil­son-Steelers marriage. During Tuesday’s install­ment of ‘NFL Live,’ ES­PN’s Adam Schefter dis­cussed the quarterback’s one-year contract with Pittsburgh worth $1.21 million, and said he heard Wilson might be on the chopping block in training camp.”

Remember, Russell Wil­son and Justin Fields signed one one-year con­tracts, so that makes them expendable.

Let’s push the rewind button and travel back to the 2017 season. That year, Ben Roethlisberger had 28 touchdowns versus 14 picks. However, Rus­sell Wilson had 34 touch­downs versus 11 picks that same season. Wil­son had far better stats in 2017 when compared to Ben Roethlisberger. In 2023, Wilson had 26 touchdowns, versus 8 in­terceptions, even when he was disrespected and dis­regarded by a devious and dark-spirited head coach for Denver. Compare Wil­son’s 2023 numbers to Kenny Pickett, the for­mer heir-apparent of Ben Roethlisberger, who had 6 touchdowns versus 4 picks. When it was all said and done, Russell Wilson was a better QB than the Steelers past and ill-fated “future savior.”

HHAW, HAW, HAW as Mark Madden of 105.9 The X would say. Makes me think that Sean “the original gangsta” Pay­ton was blatantly disre­spectful to Russell, “just because.” If Mike Tomlin had exhibited the same vitriol toward Ben Roeth­lisberger publicly, that Sean Payton showed to­ward Russell Wilson with malice and forethought, there is a distinct possi­bility that Tomlin would have been the one on the “hot seat.” Sean Payton was just itching to get rid of the generally laid-back and pretty much soft-spo­ken Wilson, “by hook or by crook.” News flash: Sean Payton, the ex-New Or­leans Saints Head Coach and the current Denver Broncos “big man on cam­pus,” was suspended for the entire 2012 season, for overseeing a program called “Bountygate” that paid Saints players to inflict bodily harm in­tentionally and illegally on opposing players, so yeah, Monsieur Payton is an authentic and genuine “crook that is on the hook,” not the performance or the character of Russell Wilson. It is readily ap­parent that Sean Payton would rather destroy the character, value, and lega­cy of Russell Wilson than create and be led by his own “personal morality and character compass,” if he has one.

Remember, earlier in this article I wrote that “two QBs of color must participate in a ‘cockfight,’ a symbolic modern-day gladiatorial “battle to the death.” Is it possible that in 2011 and before that Sean Payton had his ver­sion of cockfighting firm­ly in place when he was the headmaster of the Saints and before he and his dastardly deeds were exposed? Recently, Matt Lombardo posted a sto­ry, “Pittsburgh Steelers Praised for Biggest Bar­gain Free Agent Signing,” on Gridiron Heroics. Lom­bardo writes: “Russell Wil­son has to compete for the starting quarterback job, his signing with the Pitts­burgh Steelers could wind up as the biggest bargain of the offseason. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin revealed Justin Fields will have every opportu­nity to supplant Wilson as the starting quarterback. But, even if Fields leads the Steelers’ offense onto the field Week 1, there’s still a lot of reason to like Pittsburgh taking a flier on Wilson.”

Meanwhile, CBS Sports lists the Steelers sign­ing Wilson as the biggest bargain of free agency, so far. Jared Dubin writes for CBS Sports that it’s the biggest bargain of free agency, “even in the seem­ingly unlikely event that Russell Wilson is beaten out for the starting gig by Justin Fields.”

In my most astute opin­ion, the only value that is currently being dimin­ished is the value of play­ers of color. The reason is, and has always been, that their services of Black players are temporary and the minute that there is a question about their performance,


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