Bill Neal: Your Pittsburgh Pirates…’We had them all the way!’

:10—I am not sure when the last time the Pirates started 9 and 2…and I don’t care. Actually, I do know when…1992…All I want is that for the first time in forever we look like a real baseball team with real hope and a lot less prayer. But hold up, wait a minute, we’ve had a touch of this pos­sibility before. Let’s keep hope alive!

:09—By now most of us have given C. C. (we’re friends now, so I can call Caitlin Clark, C. C.) her props and there’s no doubting she is the real deal. Even though she could stay and play an­other year, it’s time to lock the memories down and go get that fame and glory.

:08—And let’s not get it twisted. Caitlin Clark didn’t get beat by South Carolina. Iowa got beat by South Carolina. And to be sure, the best team won. And truth be told, if you have a 6’7″ player on one side of the hoop and a 6’4″ player on the other side, and they’re both future WNBA play­ers, and their tallest player is 6’4″, ya kinda should win that game!!!

:07—South Carolina wins it in grand fash­ion, 87-75, in what was a good women’s college basketball champion­ship game on Sunday, April 7, that lived up to the hype and got its payback. And remem­ber, this about the heart of the hoop game on any level. “Tall players don’t get shorter as the game goes on…they get taller!”

:06—I could talk about Coach Dawn Staley un­til next Tuesday and still not say enough good things. Great coach, great mentor, great leader. And most importantly, developing young girls into great women off the court.

:05—NCAA men’s championship game took place on Mon­day, April 8, and as I thought, UConn won the game by double digits, 75-60, over Zach Edey and Purdue. That’s back-to-back titles for UConn, their sixth over­all championship.

:04—While you’re fo­cused on the round­ball, don’t forget the 89th edition of the NFL Draft, Saturday, April 27, coming to ya from Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan.

:03—Speaking of which, this just in via the 2024 NFL mock draft, Omar Khan makes a few moves and selects Jerry Rice’s son!!!!!

:02—Please be remind­ed…Champions Live Sports Talk Show this Thursday, April 11, at the Comfort Inn, Penn Hills on Rodi Road, talking sports, eating good food and having fun. Call 412-628-4856 for info.

:01—BTW, when is this so-called total so­lar eclipse? Wait… say what…ooh my bad!


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