Overtime: Pittsburgh residents score a slam dunk at ‘What’s Going On!’

:10—To be honest, a slam dunk would be an understatement…it was more like a triple-double as some of Pittsburgh’s most invested and concerned citizens came together at the 3rd annual Achieving Greatness “What’s Going On Town Hall Forum!”  The event was held Saturday, April 27, at the Hampton Inn located in Monroeville. The purpose is to bring together like-minded community leaders, educators and civil servants to discuss what’s going on in the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pa. communities, both good and bad, in an attempt to improve our living conditions and quality of life for residents of all ages, races, sexes, social and political positions. It’s safe to say a grand time was had by all and at least 10 percent of all the world’s problems were solved!  (Featured in the photo first row from left to right are Dana Hunter, Diane Daniels, Kim Young, Carol Brown, Sharon Briggs and Sharon McIntosh—second row left to right are Dr. Sabeer M. Wahhaj, Ph.D., David Freeman, Bill Neal, Roy Blankenship, Lorenzo Boone, Tony Hopson and Warren Wilson.)  To join the program next year, please call the Achieving Greatness office at 412-628-4856.

:09—Speaking of a slam-dunk, I’ll tell you what wasn’t…the once-again dismissal of the once glorious Los Angeles Lakers. As you loyal readers know, I don’t have LeBron James making my top 5 G.O.A.T. list, and to tell ya the truth, I put him in my top 10 so that people won’t think I started drinking for the first time in my life. But not this time. This time I am sharing the blame with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss for not providing the best available players to win a title. If you want to win the race, you have to have the fastest horse!

:08—How about this for a segue…the photo finish in this year’s Kentucky Derby was Mystik Dan by a nose, literally…followed by Sierra Leone and Forever Young crossing the finish line just fractions apart!  This was for the none-of-you-I-know who go to the Derby!

:07—Speaking of the Derby…and yes, it’s another segue, and I can only hope you can appreciate this middle level of journalistic intelligence.  Did you know that Black jockeys won more than half of the Kentucky Derbys held from 1875 to 1903.  And 15 of the first 28 races were won by a Black jockey.  And you’re going to love this. In the very first Derby, 13 of the 15 jockeys were Black.  Black jockeys dominated the early era of horse racing until Jim Crow, the KKK and pure racism closed the door!

:06—I was about to try to segue over to your Pittsburgh Pirates, but it’s too much of a stretch even for my unique but suspect writing skills…wait, what?

:05—However, what is not at all at question is the Pirates’ new tight end doubling as an MLB pitcher, Paul Skenes.  At 6’6” and 235 pounds, the LSU Flame Thrower brings with him the intelligence, work ethic, killer instinct and heart you must have to land top shelf in the U.S. Air Force Academy.  And believe me, he’s going to need every bit of it to survive this talent deprived baseball team.  Skenes had a good showing in his Major League start on May 11 at PNC Park. Thanks to the rain, we didn’t see his best, but that train is coming!!!

:04—July 25, 2024…that’s the date you’re looking for.  What am I talking about, you ask?  Your Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp!  Now you feel better, don’t ya?  And you’re welcome!  (Oh stop it, please, you know you were thinking it…yes you were…just stop!)

:03—You may now stop your wishful thinking.  It will be the Boston Celtics coming out of the NBA Eastern Conference. As much as you want it to be the Knicks, ain’t gonna happen.  And of course I want to see more of “the next Jordan,” Anthony Edwards, I really do.  But as they say in every barber shop in America, “You have to knock out the champ to be the champ!”  I am afraid it’s going to be “Jokic” and the Denver Nuggets.

:02—OK, I’ll say it for you, because I know you’re scared…Nikola Jokic, aka “The Joker”…THAT WHITE BOY CAN BALL!  PERIOD, END OF STORY…Peace On Earth, Goodwill To All Men.

:01—BTW and FYI, just so you know it, there are only 30 tickets left for the 50th anniversary Willie “Pops” Stargell MVP Awards and Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League Hall of Fame Inductions, Friday, May 31, 6 p.m. at the Riverside Landings Banquet Hall in Oakmont. No tickets sold at the door. Call Achieving Greatness Inc., at 412-682-4856 for information.




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