Black-owned restaurant sets age limit to avoid ‘drama’ from ‘younger folks’

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A Black-owned restaurant is sparking debate after setting age restrictions for patrons, KSDK reports.

36-year-old Marvin Pate and his wife opened the doors to Bliss Restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri last month.

“I think Bliss is a home away from home. You can come here and actually feel like you’re at a resort. People will feel like they’re on a vacation,” Pate said.

The restaurant, whose chefs are all from Jamaica, offers popular West African and Caribbean cuisine.

“We offer delicious oxtails, fresh snapper, jerk lamb chops, wonderful cabbage, fresh snapper, and more. All of it is delicious and Jamaican-style,” Chef Alex Dixon said.

However, Bliss isn’t garnering attention just from its food. The restaurant has set age restrictions; Women must be at least 30 years old and men must be 35 to enter.

“The restaurant is just something for the older people to come do, have a happy hour, come get some good food and not have to worry about some of the young folks who bring some of that drama,” Assistant Manager Erica Rhodes said.

Patrons appearing to be younger than 30 are required to show their ID at the front door.

“I would tell those younger ones to come patronize the business once you turn 30 or 35 because we’re going to be here for a while,” Rhodes said.

Pate said they’ve mainly received positive feedback about their age restrictions.

“Of course, we have been getting a little backlash because of our policy, but that’s OK, we’re sticking to our code,” the owner added.

The new restaurant is open from 4 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Pate said Bliss will start offering to-go orders later this month.

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