Absolute foolery of subjective mainstream media, nervous Democrats, and Project 25 fascists

President Joe Biden’s age and misperceptions of cognitive decline have set off a self-destructive political firestorm within the Democratic Party, causing a dramatic shift towards favoring former President Donald Trump despite his impeachments, 34 felony convictions, and a litany of other alleged crimes and hate-filled rhetoric. Mainstream media’s increasingly favorable treatment of Trump, coupled with internal Democratic nervousness and unrest, has added to the turbulence, increasing the possibility that America will elect its first self-declared dictator.

Simply put:  The so-called mainstream media in America has devolved into “subjectivity” with the clear abandonment of the principles of investigative and factual journalism, while the Black Press of America remains and retains its historic and contemporary “objectivity.”

Meanwhile, African Americans have notably defended Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who recently faced a racist headline and story from the New York Post calling her potentially the first “DE&I President.” A headline right out of Trump’s vision of America.

All the while, Democrats are playing a deadly game of “What have you done for me lately.” Eleven House Democrats—Reps. Adam Smith (WA), Jerry Nadler (NY), Mark Takano (CA), Joe Morelle (NY) and seven others—reportedly urged Biden to step aside for the 2024 race during a recent conference call.

Adding to the controversy, Biden’s campaign reportedly provided pre-approved questions for recent radio interviews, sparking outrage and leading to the firing of a host at WURD Radio. The move has been criticized for undermining journalistic integrity and feeding into the narrative of media manipulation.

Overlooked is that most communication directors and publicists routinely offer questions to journalists. That WURD was offered and accepted isn’t the bombshell and gotcha story that CNN, whose hierarchy reportedly are Trump donors, made it out to be. CNN’s utter failure to challenge 90 minutes of lies during the debate has gone unreported compared with Biden’s poor performance. However, other networks and news outlets, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, have failed to challenge the former president’s authoritarian rhetoric and legal transgressions.

Trump, unabashedly campaigning on promises of revenge and authoritarian rule, has gained momentum with little pushback from mainstream media. A Daily Beast report revealed that Trump weaponized the Justice Department to prolong the imprisonment of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was jailed for crimes committed on Trump’s behalf. Cohen warned of Trump’s dictatorial aspirations. “He’ll run the country like a king, like a supreme leader, like a monarch, like a dictator, like the Führer,” Cohen asserted.

“Look. I get it,” attorney and writer Daniel Miller wrote on X. “There is more than one issue that’s important in this race. I get that Biden’s debate performance, as well as related issues, is news. But can we also spend some time on the fact Trump seems to have an odd interest & even an admiration of Hitler & Nazis?” Miller continued:

“Biden was really bad in the debate, but can we also talk about how Trump reportedly said ‘Hitler did some good things?’ Don’t we think that’s relevant to whether Trump would be a moral president and whether he’d abuse his power to do awful and illegal things?”

“I get Biden’s immigration policy hasn’t been perfect. But can we also talk about how Trump said migrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country?’ That seems relevant given Trump world is planning to deport 11 million immigrants by placing them in ‘vast holding facilities.’”

“I get that some on the far Left who hate Biden are really antisemitic,” he added. “But can we also talk about Trump hosted Nick Fuentes for dinner, said there were ‘very fine people on both sides,’ and has otherwise trafficked in antisemitic tropes and outright antisemitism?”

Trump and his allies want to take America back beyond Jim Crow with Project 2025

Then there’s Project 2025, a conservative manifesto aiming to reshape American policy radically, which has also become a focal point of concern. Despite Trump’s denials, evidence closely connects him to the MAGA-inspired project his former aides created. Key figures behind Project 2025 include Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Vice President Mike Pence, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Mike Lee (R-UT), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Elise Stefanik (R-NY). The project threatens to dismantle democratic checks and balances, empowering Trump to enact his extreme agenda if re-elected.

“If it talks like a dictator and it walks like a dictator, then you better believe it will rule as a dictator,” Biden-Harris 2024 spokesperson Sarafina Chitika stated. She emphasized Trump’s history of abusing power and the existential threat he poses to American democracy.

Despite concerns about his age, Biden has achieved significant legislative and policy successes in his three years in office, arguably more than his predecessor and many other presidents. His administration has passed historic infrastructure bills, advanced climate initiatives, and navigated the country through a post-pandemic economic recovery.

“If elected to a second term, Trump would prosecute anyone he deems an enemy, unleash troops on protesters, and essentially unravel the rule of law as we know it,” MSNBC Host and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated. “And this time, he plans to line his administration with people who will actually help him do it.”

Miller, the author, recalled that Trump once reportedly had a book of Hitler speeches in his bedroom. “Isn’t that an issue in this race? Why was he so interested in Hitler? Can someone ask him?” he wrote Friday,” Miller wrote. “Trump seemingly admires Hitler. Has read Hitler. Uses Hitler rhetoric. This is a relevant issue for many reasons. And someone should get to the bottom of this before Trump once again controls the most powerful military in the world. The voters DESERVE answers.”

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