Clarence Thomas’ In Laws: ‘Other qualities made up for him being Black’

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Comments made by family members of Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, surrounding how they felt about her marrying her husband have resurfaced, per Atlanta Black Star.

The remarks came from a 1991 article by the Washington Post headlined “The Nominee’s Soul Mate.” During the decades-old interview, Ginni discussed her staunch conservative views, and her relatives revealed they were shocked when she told them she was marrying a Black man.

“I can guarantee you I was surprised when I found out she was going with a Black man,” Ginni’s uncle, Ralph Knop, said, per the Post. “It was unusual for us.”

“But he was so nice, we forgot he was Black, and he treated her so well, all of his other qualities made up for his being Black,” Ginni’s aunt, Opal, added.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the justice’s in-laws suggesting that his niceness made up for his Blackness.

“Please tell me this isn’t real. Please? In all seriousness how could a brother stomach that level of bigotry from within your spouses family? Does he despise his Mother? His own skin color?” one X user tweeted.

“I wonder how many years he had to sit in the car at Thanksgiving until her family finally invited him inside,” a second person wrote.

“Unfortunately his unresolved trauma from racism is being projected unto the entire US population because he is a Supreme Court justice,” another user said.

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