‘Finding Gideon’ (Terri's Book Review April 19)

But this young assassin, Gideon, complicated things. Medianoche heard that Gideon was looking for him, to settle a dubious score. It wasn’t enough that he’d taken Medianoche’s eye, and destroyed his face.
No, Gideon was looking for Midnight, and there would be war.
Which only meant that Midnight had to find Gideon first…
I have to admit, I spent the first 30 pages of this book hating it.
As he often seems to do, author Dickey jumps feet-first into his novel by letting the characters jump feet-first into bed. There is a bit of prelude this time, but it’s strangely fixated on dog waste before we get to tiresome erotica.
Usually, I’d recommend skipping that and starting the book several pages in, though with “Finding Gideon,” you really shouldn’t. You need that beginning; it’s nasty, but it sets up a first-rate thriller and a surprise: this latest Gideon tale has character development that makes many of the killers human, almost likeable. Readers get a better understanding of who Gideon is, and what drives him.
(“Finding Gideon” by Eric Jerome Dickey, c.2017, Dutton, $27/372 pages.)
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