Wake up the vote: A call to action

Dear Editor:
I think we can all agree that Voting is the foundation of our Democracy. Most of us can also agree to equal rights for all. Right now, we are in the fight of our lives to preserve what so many people have fought and died for. So, when we hear we do not have enough poll workers we are perplexed. We are demanding the taking down of statues of people who did not believe in Democracy, but we do not have enough poll workers.

We know from very reliable sources that foreign entities are trying to mess with our election, but we do not have enough poll workers. We know that our postal system is being sabotaged, but we do not have enough poll workers. We want the means and the right people in place to make out of control police accountable for actions, but we do not have enough poll workers. We want Election Day declared a national holiday, but we do not have enough poll workers.

Our call to action is to young people who want to change the world. The next step can be working the polls, getting to know the voters and eventual being on the ballot. Our call to action is to the Universities and Colleges, engaging in the civic process should be a key part of education, call upon your students to become engaged by working the polls.

Our call to action is to businesses and organizations whose operations are depending on a functioning democracy, allow workers to take off if they are willing to work the polls. Many of the poll workers are seniors who have been working the polls long before they became seniors. We cannot ask them to commit to work and make the sacrifice that exists in today’s environment. But we can ask individuals who are in good health, young and ready to take a place in history, to do your part to make sure everyone has access to voting. Without enough workers, polling places will be forced to consolidate which leads to confusion and very long lines.

We may not be able to control everything that is trying to interfere with our voting rights and our Democracy. But we can control ease of access to our polling places which will allow as many people as possible to exercise their right to vote. Volunteer today. In Allegheny County go to: http://www.Alleghenycounty.us, democracy needs your help.

Elaine Harris-Fulton


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