Voting in unconstitutional districts: US Supreme Court upended decades of precedent in 2022 by allowing voters to vote with gerrymandered maps instead of fixing the congressional districts first

May 8, 2024

By: The Conversation

An independent commission is racing to redraw Detroit’s voting maps under a federal court order − but the change may not elect more Black candidates

February 5, 2024

By: The Conversation

How the word ‘voodoo’ became a racial slur

January 27, 2024

By: The Conversation

Exclusive: VP Kamala Harris takes aim at attacks on voting rights during visit to Atlanta

January 12, 2024

By: A.R. Shaw, Executive Editor

Edward Blum’s crusade against affirmative action has used the legal strategy developed by civil rights activists

December 5, 2023

By: The Conversation

Who can defend voting rights? An appeals court ruling sharply limiting lawsuits looks likely to head to the Supreme Court

November 24, 2023

By: The Conversation

Tim Scott drops out of race for White House

November 13, 2023

By: Roz Edward

To Be Equal: Lawsuit challenges Virginia Governor’s arbitrary denial of felons’ right to vote

October 31, 2023

By: Courier Newsroom

Alabama’s defiant new voting map rejected by federal court — after Republicans ignored the Supreme Court’s directive to add a second majority-Black House district

September 8, 2023

By: The Conversation

A brief history of the Ku Klux Klan Acts: 1870s laws to protect Black voters, ignored for decades, now being used against Trump

August 6, 2023

By: The Conversation

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