Midget Football Roundup…Hill District impressive

Series of the Week-Hill District (7-1) vs. Clairton (5-3)
The Hill District youth football program have been nothing but impressive over the first three weeks of the 2009 season. In that time span, they’ve only suffered one loss. They continued that success as they swept second place Clairton 3-0-1.
“All the hard work over the summer is showing on the field,” said Bo Turner, the Hill District’s ACMFL representative. “The coaches are also working hard and the kids are taking direction from them. This has added to our progress as a football program.”
This is a game-by-game breakdown of what happened in this series:



Twerps: Hill District 20,
Clairton 6
Touchdowns scored by: HD—Caron and Brooks
C—Corey Johnson
Termites: Hill District 0,
Clairton 0
Mighty Mites: Hill District 7, Clairton 6
Touchdowns scored by: HD—Troy Simon
C—Jayvon Ford
Midgets: Hill District 28,
Clairton 7
Touchdowns scored by: HD—Clay McCoy (2), Eddie Murphy, Brendan Blair
C—James Wheeler


Other League results:

This Week:
Lincoln vs West Pittsburgh: Twerps 14-6 Lincoln; Termites 18-7 Lincoln; M. Mites 28-8 West Pittsburgh; Midgets 26-0 Lincoln;
Wilkinsburg vs Braddock: Twerps—21-0 Wilkinsburg; Termites 27-0 Wilkinsburg; M. Mites 28-13 Wilkinsburg; Midgets 21-0 Wilkinsburg
Homewood vs North Shore: Twerps—20-7 Homewood; Termites 0-6 North Shore; M. Mites 6-0 Homewood; Midgets 33-0 Homewood
Garfield vs North Side: Twerps—27-0 Garfield; Termites—33-0 Garfield; M. Mites—26-0 Garfield; Midgets—56-6 Garfield

This Week:
Garfield 4-0
Wilkinsburg 4-0
Hill District 3-0-1
Lincoln 3-1
Homewood 3-1
North Shore 1-3
West Pittsburgh 1-3
Clairton 0-3-1
Braddock 0-4
North Side 0-4

1. Hill District: 10-1-1
2. Garfield 9-3
3. Homewood 8-4
4. Wilkinsburg 7-4-1
5. Lincoln 6-5-1
6. North Shore 5-6-1
6. Clairton 5-6-1
8. West Pittsburgh 3-9
9. North Side 1-10-1
10. Braddock 1-11




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