Cover To Cover…‘Dirty Old Men…’

Everybody seems to notice them as they walk down the sidewalk.

She is smiling, her brown eyes lit, her feet dancing in youth, delighting in what he has to say. She hangs onto his every word and comments sometimes, as he bows his graying head toward her, to better hear her.


She is 20-something; young enough to be his daughter. He is 60-something; old enough to be her grandfather.


And neither are.

Romance? Or May-December booty call? Could be both, as you’ll read in the new anthology “Dirty Old Men (and Other Stories)” by Omar Tyree.

When a Sweet Young Thing gets her claws in a man who doesn’t know what to expect, she can take advantage of him in a minute. In “Sugar Daddy Rules,” an older man, Clarence, gets a few useful tips from a co-worker on how to handle a gold-digging woman. And Clarence learns —but it may be too late.

In “Private Lessons,” Samuel met his Sweet Young Thing just after he moved to Charlotte, N.C. Candice invited herself over to his new apartment to “help unpack,” but she was packing an idea in her mind and Samuel was about to be very surprised.

Henry Morgan had a nowhere job and a nowhere life, living in a studio apartment he’d taken when his wife kicked him out. In “Jail Bait,” Henry misses his kids a lot, so he was surprised when beautiful young Tasha offered to spend some “quality” time with him. Tasha reminded Henry so much of his daughter.

Little did he know…

Professor Antonio Greene feels in his heart that he’s lost his beloved wife, Suzanne. She says she’s out two, three nights with her girls, but in “A Good Man,” he wonders if she might be lying. Suzanne is tired of Antonio’s “gentle gentleman” ways, and she craves the excitement she gets from Big Ray on Baltimore’s rough side of town. Can she ever teach Antonio to be the man she needs?

Once again, author Omar Tyree proves to fans that he can write anything, any time and in any voice. In case you haven’t caught on, “Dirty Old Men (and Other Stories)” is a book of erotica.

And I didn’t much care for it. Yes, you could argue that this book is hot. You could argue that reading this book almost requires an oven mitt. You’d be right.

The problem with it is that—with a few exceptions—most of the stories are the same: older man meets younger woman, there’s a steamy bedroom scene, and the story abruptly ends. Even the exceptions aren’t all that exceptional, in that they mostly feature the same basic scenarios in different locales and with different instigators.

I was bored with this book well into the third story, and I think you will be, too, even if you like erotica. The fact is that “Dirty Old Men” is the same old thing.

(“Dirty Old Men (and Other Stories)” by Omar Tyree, Atria $23, 353 pages.)

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