My husband leaves on Christmas Eve…

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

For the past four years my husband has been leaving on Christmas Eve and returning on New Year’s Day. The second year I told him if it happens again, I would divorce him. He did it two more times, but this Christmas I intend to follow my plan. We have no children, but I put up a tree, give myself a gift, and call my relatives who all live in another state. He has never given me a gift and even when he returns, sometimes he doesn’t open his gift from me until months later.—Ann


Dear Ann:

You tolerated this for four years? Oh well, there are some strange women in this world and you are truly one of them. Have you considered there could be a logical reason for this most peculiar behavior, and I must say ‘peculiar?’ I know you are thinking he has another interest, but think about this: Your husband could be by the bedside of a sick relative or friend at a nursing facility; (2) He could possibly have another family—a family where children are involved.

Ann, you’re good because not many women would allow their husband to leave at a time when Christmas carols fill the night and two people admit their love for each other. Let me tell you this: If your husband does not explain his “disappearing act,” then you should inform him to take all his personal items with him on Christmas Eve because the door will not open for him on New Year’s Day.

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