Minni’s Morning Coffee: Detroit City Council Lame Ducks

The deed is done. The consent agreement has come alive and now it’s up to the financial board and the program management director William Andrews to wield their power over the Detroit City Council, which voted Tuesday to reject their plan to slash union income and benefits for city employees.

But under the consent agreement, it really doesn’t matter how the Council votes. This is why the consent agreement was created in the first place, no? To get rid of all the red tape and elected officials who clearly don’t know what’s good for the city?

The Detroit Free Press reports

“[The consent agreement] gives the city’s program management director — a position created by the consent agreement and appointed by the mayor from candidates agreed to by the mayor and governor — the ability to ignore Tuesday’s vote and impose the proposed cuts, thus controlling union members’ salaries, benefits and work rules. The fiscal stability agreement, or consent agreement, thus makes the council’s vote on union conditions largely symbolic.”

Hey, council members could see it as a good thing: they’ve got nine financial board appointees  people to do their job. Vacation time, anyone?

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