Fun Fit Fabulous hits jackpot with more than 1,000 women


FUN FIT FABULOUS CELEBRITY PANEL—From left: Jennifer Antkowiak, Jeanette Jenkins, Holly Frazier, Nia Frazier and Miyoshi Anderson.

Massage Envy appointments, cream to remove stretch marks, zumba workouts, lunch, fun, fellowship, health screenings, vendors from all over the city, and large beautiful burlap bags filled with goodies, are just some of the things that the more than 1000 registered women received on Saturday, Aug. 17 at the annual Highmark Fun, Fit & Fabulous Women’s Health Conference.

Workshops included nutrition—“Nourishing the Whole Woman” presented by Mark Davis.   

A registered dietitian and a licensed nutritionist, His passion is alternative heath, disease prevention and wellness promotion.  

There was also  a stress workshop—An  Experiential Journey in Stress Management, conducted by Ruth Rittenhouse a 40 year practicing Yogi who has been teaching for  20 years.  

How Inner and Outer Beauty can Help you Bounce Back from Life’s Setbacks, conducted by Pam Nichols the owner and operator of Destined for Greatness Enterprises, Inc.   Through her organization and wellness programs, she coaches women to success as they get past roadblocks in their lives.  

These were just a few of the workshops and health education forums held throughout the day.  

Additionally, there was a celebrity panel moderated by Yvonne Cook, president of the Highmark Foundation.  Panel members were Jennifer Antkowiak, Emmy award winning TV news anchor at Pittsburgh  KDKA-TV; Jeanette Jenkins,  founder and president of her own company “Hollywood Trainer,” Miyoshi Anderson, founder of Pittsburgh Style Week,  and Holly Frazier and daughter Nia  of Dance Mom’s fame. The panel discussion was how busy women balance the dynamics of their lives and manage to take care of themselves.  Panel members agreed that with lives maxed out between careers, running businesses, caring for others, raising children, and so much more; it is easy to find ourselves in the background not the priority we need to be.  And this often ends up creating serious stress and health problems.

Antkowiak had taken care of her mother, and was just about to move her ailing father in law into her home when she began experiencing chest pains.   It was only after her husband insisted she be seen and ushered her out to the ER, that she understood how much she was in overload. While it turned out to not be heart related, she says “this was truly a wake up call for me; it was clear, if I was to help anyone else, I would need to start making caring for myself a priority.”

Frazier, wife of Highmark Sr. Vice President, Evan Frazier,  shared that the rigors of her show, Dance Moms, where she is a  starring cast member,  has them traveling 32 weekends a year, among other things.  I stay grounded and evened out by prayer.”
Miyoshi Anderson, the founder of Pittsburgh Fashion Week explained that the level of activities that she must engage to make something so large as Fashion Week happen, was overwhelming at best.  She found in planning this year’s event that the key to staying grounded for her was to carve an hour to herself each day in which she spend working out. 


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