Affordable health care is a must


It has been very interesting listening to the news and the politicians dealing with the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. The online website of the program has been a disaster, but the GOP is trying to make it out that the program is a disaster and as a result the Obama presidency is going down the toilet.
It’s simply a system of getting insurance to people who either just don’t have it or can’t afford it. Two to three years from now it will all be a memory. The masses of people in this country have insurance either through their employer or Medicare, and these people are not being affected once the system is up.
The vast majority of people being affected are the people who don’t have insurance. My biggest fear is the young people from the ages of 18 through 26. I know ACA allows parents to keep these young people on their insurance, but what about the thousands of young people whose parents don’t have insurance. What about the thousands coming out of Foster Care, the prisons or college?

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