Putting the giving into Thanksgiving


For many, Thanksgiving is about eating a big meal and football and of course spending time with family. While out covering another story a lady that I don’t see very often shared a heartwarming story with me.
Debra Bonneau has been a driver for Port Authority for 25 years. One of the routes that she drives is the P16 (Penn Hills Flyer). For the last six weeks she would see a passenger with three young boys and a girl running for the bus.
She noticed that the father was somewhat physically challenged. Through conversation she found out that he had suffered a stroke 18 months ago.  Through further conversation it was found that the children’s mother was not in their life. A lot of the passengers noticed how well-behaved the children were and each school day the dad would accompany the children from Wilkinsburg to Down­town to Stowe township merely because he did not have to pull them out of their existing school and disrupt their lives.

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