HOROSCOPES: December 5-11, 2013

You’ll enjoy a special rapport with a loved one this week, so use the vibe to deepen the level of intimacy. Your creativity allows you to say exactly the right thing at the right moment.
Soul Affirmation: I give my brain full power this week.
Lucky Numbers:  7, 31, 39
This is a wonderful week to give up a negative routine, guy! If you’ve been biting your nails or sneaking a cigarette, this week your emotions are centered on life-affirming habits. Let your natural inclination toward perfect health lead you on your way.
Soul Affirmation: My needs will be met if I just ask.
Lucky Numbers:  12, 26, 27
You are very popular at work this week.  Part of your rise in the employee polls is due to your can-do attitude. Another part is the smile on your face as you consider your wonderful life. Believing it is being it!
Soul Affirmation: It’s bad only if I see it that way.
Lucky Numbers:  10, 27, 33
An unexpected errand may lead to an encounter with a person who will have an influence on your future. Keep your bright eyes alert to unusual possibilities and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the end of the week.
Soul Affirmation: I enjoy the love that others have for me.
Lucky Numbers:  11, 18, 45
A cozy week is yours for the asking.   Relax and spend some time unwinding from your busy week. Family or close friends will want to join you in your relaxation. Your place is the natural spot for gathering people together.
Soul Affirmation: I smile as I think about far away paces.
Lucky Numbers:  34, 37, 40
There is a vibration this week that urges people to reveal secrets. Your usually strong loyalty to a friend or co-worker may be weakened if you engage in any idle chatter. Stick to the facts this week and you’ll be fine!
Soul Affirmation: I let the outer world and inner world change places this week.
Lucky Numbers:  18, 20, 24
Stop sometime this week and take a quick inventory of how right your instincts have been recently. If you are like most. The count is probably high! This is an excellent week to simply smile when people offer advice. You know what’s best for you, so trust your instincts and do that.
Soul Affirmation: This week is the week the Lord has made. I rejoice in it.
Lucky Numbers:  42, 46, 55
One of your gifts is that you have an ability to think big! Picture your future on a canvas as big as the sky. Take some small measure this week toward that future, and rejoice. Make sure that positive vibrations surround you during the week.
Soul Affirmation: Slow and steady is an enjoyable way to go.
Lucky Numbers:  13, 40, 50
If you brought your work home with you this weekend, you’ll have trouble relaxing. A moment of quiet time with yourself will bring you back to your center. Your work really can wait! Rest is important to a busy one like yourself.
Soul Affirmation: I open myself up for a glad surprise!
Lucky Numbers:  15, 25, 44
Everyone needs appreciation in his or her life. Take some time out this week to seek those whom you really appreciate, and let them know what they mean to you. Appreciate yourself, while you’re at it!
Soul Affirmation: I admit what I really want out of life this week
Lucky Numbers:  38, 39, 45
You’re in the mood for adventure. If a short trip isn’t possible, spend some time exploring a subject that interests you so that you feel as if your mind has traveled someplace new. Arm-chair traveling with a good book will help still your restlessness.
Soul Affirmation: The deed is done. I must wait for the results to unfold
Lucky Numbers:  7, 19, 28
This week is like a present! Observe it and enjoy it! The vibes are perfect for a long lunch with a friend, for a long walk in the park, or just for watching the sunrise. Be aware of the beauty that surrounds you this week.
Soul Affirmation: I work hard to combat envy this week.
Lucky Numbers:  16, 21, 27


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