HOROSCOPES: December 12–18, 2013

Balance is an important skill. If you’ve been working too hard, the urge to play is going to be nearly irresistible this week. However, if you’ve been playing too hard, it’s a terrific week to restore some order to your work. Keep smiling!
Soul Affirmation: I quiet all confusion
Lucky Numbers:  11, 26, 27
Your energy level is marvelous, and you are probably getting a great deal of work done in an unusually facile manner. Bless your lucky stars, and stay on track. Expect to hear from a friend this week.
Soul Affirmation: I entertain wild ideas about making money this week.
Lucky Numbers:  40, 46, 52
A little space from your current love interest seems to be in order. Use a brief time-out to remember the unique and wonderful personality traits of  the person you love. Don’t forget to tell her or him of your love! Keep your heart open.
Soul Affirmation: Smooth communications is the key to my success this week
Lucky Numbers:  19, 30, 32
This is truly your week. Take a break from any disappointments that you may have been remembering and move toward the Now with a wise heart. Your attention may focus on personal health, and ways to make yours better.
Soul Affirmation: I exercise to lower tension this week.
Lucky Numbers:  9, 17, 24
Family matters will be pleasant this week, but save your evenings for your romantic partner. The vibes support a mutually wonderful experience that will deepen your appreciation for one another!
Soul Affirmation: I obey the rules this week and avoid hassles.
Lucky Numbers:  1, 2, 46
You lucky ducklings! Everything goes your way this week, so relax and enjoy the abundant and wonderful soul vibrations. Make calls early in the week so that you can cruise through the afternoon.
Soul Affirmation: I find peace in spending time out of doors this week.
Lucky Numbers:  18, 29, 36
A project at work may suddenly demand your attention. If you pounce on it rather than waiting for it to go away (it won’t), you’ll be finished by lunchtime. Your speed and agility enable you to work smart; use your advantage.
Soul Affirmation: By going slowly I get there faster this week.
Lucky Numbers:  14, 40, 55
Talk it up this week.  You’ve got a gift with words this week that will facilitate all endeavors. If you’ve been meaning to ask for a raise, this week might be the day to broach the subject with the boss. Trust your instincts!
Soul Affirmation: By rewarding others I reward myself.
Lucky Numbers:  51, 53, 54
Energy in the mornings will be more productive than the energy you feel in the afternoons. Work hard early each day, then take the afternoons off to play.  Better yet, get your honey to join you in playing hooky from work!
Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give.
Lucky Numbers:  31, 42, 52
Finding a way to do it better than others is not going to be hard this week. Share your wisdom with other seekers. All who receive your word will benefit this week. Happiness rules! Don’t waste a moment of this perfect week on any negative thoughts.
Soul Affirmation: I create a positive world for myself by thinking positive.
Lucky Numbers:  11, 13, 18
Strong vibrations bring a series of dramatic interactions with others this week. Practice your charm. Let it come from the heart, and let your energy carry you upwards to your best, highest self. Keep emotions calm.
Soul Affirmation: In the storms of the week I find comfort inside myself.
Lucky Numbers:  25, 28, 30
People often forget about the roaming side to your personality. This week is a week when you’ll love thinking about “far away places with strange sounding names,” as the song says. What you do about your urges is yet another matter. Home calls too. What a week!
Soul Affirmation: I smile as I think about far away paces.
Lucky Numbers:  42, 47, 49

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