Harper pension should not be taken


It was recently revealed that the city would deny former police Chief Nate Harper his pension because he was convicted of stealing money.
I agree 100 percent that he should be punished, but this is going overboard. The punishment is not fitting the crime. He was supposed to have stolen $32,000 from the city. Well, he owes the city that amount of money plus a penalty or fine. But that doesn’t mean his entire pension, which he paid into for 36 years. This man served this city faithfully for 36 plus years, he paid into a pension that under no circumstances should be taken away.
The punishment does not fit the crime. By taking this man’s pension basically you are sentencing him to live the rest of his life in poverty. The court will sentence him Feb. 25. That should be his punishment, not some separate board that really has nothing to do with the criminal court system.
Kudos goes out to Sala Udin and others for bringing Pittsburgh into the loop of the world in celebrating the life and struggles of Nelson Mandela and South Africa after his recent death at 95.
There were hundreds of people at Mt. Ararat Church, but actually there should have been thousands for what he did not only for South Africa but also for the world and human rights throughout the world.

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