Cover To Cover…‘Jim Crow Wisdom…”

You’ve always prided yourself on being a good storyteller.
You’ve always been able to craft a good tale—whether it was one of imagination, one to escape trouble, or a story with lesson added.
It’s a talent you got from your parents, and they from theirs. In the new book “Jim Crow Wisdom” by Jonathan Scott Holloway, you’ll see how that storytelling prowess may have helped your family survive.
Throughout his life, Jonathan Scott Holloway heard stories.
One of the ones he remembers particularly was that which his father, an ex-military man, told Holloway on the way to school one fall day. It had something to do with fighting and how not to react. Holloway thought it was a strange thing then but, he says, “I discovered that there was more to this story than a father merely preparing his son for a world of inequality.”


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