No c­avalry for South Sudan


(NNPA)—Once again, another part of the world has been thrown into turmoil. This is happening more and more since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thought her job was to party and tour the world with a seemingly endless budget. Go everywhere, talk and smile and wave to the minions but don’t even think about diplomacy, world peace and stability.
Her boss, President Obama, was fine with this style. He calls it “Leading from Behind.” There is no such thing. To do this is actually called “following” and the world needs no more followers as it cries for leaders.
The United States is the richest nation on earth with resources matched by no other country. Yet, we are becoming timid and the enemies, especially the daring ones, are like hyenas waiting to pounce on each opportunity. Iran sees us as a “sucker.” China and Russia note our reticence and take advantage of this cowardice.
Then there was a big lie told during the last election. The administration kept repeating that Al Qaeda “was on the run.” They told this lie so much that they started believing in it themselves. Then the Benghazi attack came and woke the nation up.
The fact is Al Qaeda and many other terrorist factions are in a growth mode and are full of vigor and defiance. They know the United States is becoming timid and is without a strategy to bring security and peace to the world as we used to do.

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