Just Sayin’… August Wilson Center: Too little, too late


The creditors of the August Wilson Center have taken next to the final step of what most of us have known for years in the African American community, and that is it will be put up for sale. The final step will be its sale.

We not only knew it was in serious financial trouble for years, but if something wasn’t done to correct this sinking ship it was going to go under. Yet, nobody stepped forward with a plan backed with money, which has led to the tragedy that now has some people suggesting that Dollar Bank and Judith Fitzgerald, the conservator, are the villains.

In one letter we received, the person implied that Fitzgerald shouldn’t be making as much money as she is and that she shouldn’t get a percentage of the selling price, that it is a conflict of interest. It sounds like these people are asking Dollar Bank to give the Black Arts community the $10 million needed to pay the mortgage and then someone else foot the bill of operating the building, instead of placing the blame where it belongs, the board.

Many are asking Dollar Bank, to wait even longer for their money, which thus far no one is offering. Thus far no one has even offered a plan that demonstrates how he or she would pay for the day-to-day operations even if they did get the mortgage paid.


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