Inside Conditions…Tight Wire


“I’m up on the tight wire, one side’s ice and one is fire. It’s a circus game with you and me. I’m up on the tight rope, one side’s hate and one is hope. But the top hat on my head is all you see. And the wire seems to be the only place for me. A comedy of errors and I’m falling. Like a rubber neck giraffe, you look into my past. Well, baby, you’re just too blind to see.” (Tight Rope lyrics by Leon Russell)
A couple of weeks ago I made plans to attend and cover the Pitt, Notre Dame basketball game at South Bend, Indiana. Just prior to the day I was about to head to South Bend I had a pregame chat with the NPC’s Stephan Broadus, (a native of St. Louis) about the doomsday weather scenario;  I “punked” out and decided not to join my photographer at the Purcell Pavilion.  Pitt won a nail biter  85-81 in overtime.  Obviously “touchdown  Jesus” must have been on sabbatical because  the chanting home congregation  of more than  9,000 faithful could not insure a victory for  the Fighting Irish.
The “trees” that Pitt planted in the “paint”  gave the Panthers opportunity after opportunity  and  multiple chances to score inside the painted area out rebounding the Irish 38-22 inside the painted area also outscoring them 42-18 in the “red zone.”


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