:10—Ring…Ringg…Ringgg…­Hello Smitty’s Bar and Grill, you stab-em, we’ll slab-em! What ya want? Plane, what plane? Look, whoever told you we got a plane out back is lying to you, man. Well, here’s what you do. Come down and see for yourself. The only thing we got out back is “Man-Man’s” old van…it don’t run, and Timeka’s old refrigerator…it don’t run either. And all them old fans. You know, now that you mention it, I can see how you might think that’s a plane from a satellite distance. But just so you know, we got the same amount of Asians in here that we always do!

:09—I’m starting “The Heat Can’t Repeat” march right now. We’ll need time to build up momentum. The Pacers will win the east. And don’t look now, but the Spurs are still mad about that last second loss last year. Their on a quiet mission and will win it all.

:08—Pittsburgh…I’m sorry, I did it again…Your Pittsburgh Pirates kicked it off Monday at PNC Park, let’s raise that jolly roger.

:07—The late, great Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano and that blind opera singing guy, can see that Jordan Miles was beat damn near to death and if there’s justice at all…and there rarely is in Pittsburgh…they will pay that young man what he’s due. C’mon man, do the right thing!


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