Overtime 5-7-14

BILL NEAL AND MIKE TYSON (Photo by J.L. Martello)

:10—As you can clearly see in this photo, there are two heavyweights going toe to toe.  One of them is the former World Champion and one of them is just heavy.  By the time we get to the buzzer, we’ll see if you can figure out who is who.
:09—When they talk about the “it” factor this is what they meant. When he walked into the room, you immediately knew he was someone special. It was a very powerful presence!
:08—The next thing you can’t grasp is how a man of this stature was able to knock-out much bigger men seemingly every week.  Don’t get me wrong, the arms and upper body speak for themselves, but this is not a huge man that was delivering huge knockouts.
:07—Now after the storm…you know the “I want to kill you in the ring,” “I want to eat your children,” “Everybody out there is a fxxxxt”…yeah that storm.  This is a nicer, professional, light-hearted showman. He laughs, he smiles, he jokes, he even sings. The new Mike Tyson is a real lovable guy.
:06—But hold up. Don’t get it twisted. If you were as close as I was and able to look him in the eye, you could clearly see that this is not a man you want to make a mistake with! It’s still dark in those eyes!
:05—About the Buster Douglas fight.  “He came to fight that night. Sometimes a fighter has his fight and there’s nothing you can do about it. Ala, Ali vs. Spinks, Louis vs. Conn, Ray vs. Hagler.
:04—“I did not rape that woman. She knows it and I know it, period, end of story.”  (And for     the record, I never thought he did!)
:03—He now spends his life making a great life for his children, several of which are in Ivy League colleges. His effort is that they never have to fight to make a living, especially if  they have to fight a man like him.
:02—Most tragic moment in his life, of course the loss of a child. “It changed me forever!”
:01—“I am promoting fight cards so that young fighters don’t get cheated and taken advantage of the way I was.”
:00—“How did I spend over 300 million dollars? I had a lot of fun!!!”
By now you know Iron Mike Tyson is the shorter guy in the photo and yes, as the youngest heavyweight champion of all time who went on to become The Baddest Man On The Planet. The only difference now is he’s killing you with kindness.  Keep up the good work Iron Mike.  We all deserve a second chance!
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