Overtime July 16, 2014


:10—Now wait just a minute…I can’t be the only person in America that can see what’s goin’ on here.  You people just refuse to talk about The Spurs and what they did to your beloved “Heat.”  All this talk about LeBron and no talk about how Duncan and the boys ran his butt out of Miami. That’s right.  I said it.  If “The Heat” had won, we wouldn’t be talking about “The King” changing addresses now would we?!?!
:09—Let me tell you now cause some of you can’t stay awake until the end of the column. Sign your young future stars up for the Armon Gilliam Memorial “Hard Work” Basketball Camp while there’s still room.  And by the way, some of you may have gotten the wrong date on a bad flyer that was out there. The camp is on Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3, at the Penn Hills YMCA — boys and girls ages 8-15 years old — $25 registration covers both days — lunch provided — t-shirt — certificate for completing camp — college and pro level instruction — Total supervision — Anti-drug, Alcohol, Amoke & Bad Language facility — parent or guardian must register child the morning of — camp starts at 8:45 a.m. be there.  Former NBA star and CBA slam dunk champion, Myron Brown, will be special guest!


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