:10—Look, I feel as bad as anybody about Dude getting run over on that race track, but if you think you can jump out of your car…at – a – race – track…and maybe not get hit…then you’re not real clear on the whole death thing!
:09—Ok, ok, I am sticking with my earlier prediction that the Steelers will go 11-5 this year, and I know it’s only pre-season…but – but – but…man they looked a lot like last year’s Steelers. But Mike Tomlin, I believe in you. “Please Baby, Please Baby, Please Baby!!”
:08—By the way, here’s what “The Emperor” Chuck Noll said when asked if he thought pre-season games mattered. And I quote, “If they didn’t matter, we wouldn’t play them.  I expect to win every game we play!”
:07—This just in. Tiger is not done. All you Tiger haters, and I know who you are, you’ve been there all along.  The man is only 38. He’s got a ton of golf left in him and he will win five more majors and pass Jack Nicklaus before it’s all said and done.  And that you can take to the bank! (That being said, the sooner he gets back to pimpin, the sooner he starts winning.) Oh you wanna blame me for saying that all the time. Well you do the math. He was the baddest man on the planet…he got busted…he hasn’t won a major  since…duh!!!


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