2014 Holy Convocation: ‘God has not forgotten us’


The Holy gathering of the Lord’s people
for spiritual reflection and refinement renewal

Monday, Aug. 4, was the beginning of the 20th Holy Convocation of the Vermont Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ Inc.  Organized in 1907 by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, the COGIC remains the oldest Pentecostal denomination in the United States.
Under the leadership of Bishop Loran E. Mann, Jurisdictional Prelate of the Vermont Jurisdiction, the Cathedral became home from August 4 through August 9, to faithful pastors, evangelists, missionaries and members.  They arrived from numerous states from across the nation, including Vermont, New York and Connecticut, to name a few.
Responsible for overseeing pastors, ministries and administration of the Vermont jurisdiction, the caring spiritual leader states that the vision of the Convocation is to “inspire and further the work of ministry…to rally spiritual truth.” Since his appointment in 2011, Bishop Mann declared the first week of August as a time to “inspire Christians to get busy in the work of the Kingdom, without a separation by denomination.”

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