:10—The hardest losses to take are the ones you should have won!  Pitt should have beat Iowa. Matter of fact, they did beat them…in the first half.  But you gotta play that second half and Pitt didn’t show up for that part.  There’s a lot that can be said about the loss and I’m sure there will be.  No sacks. No pressure on the QB.  Predictable offense and horrible D-Back coverage. But the good news is this. They’re 3-1 and they’ve got the #1 rusher in the nation in James Conner. And a side note for ya — I met “Mr. Conner” at the Fed-Ex office in Oakland and trust me when I tell ya, he’s the beast you see on the screen. Every bit of 6’2” and 250 lbs.
:09—Don’t lie. You had them written off after the death march last week in Baltimore, but last night your Pittsburgh Steelers bounced back to show the nation they are in fact the 11 and 5 playoff team I said they would be.
:08—Speaking of the Steelers, and I was, all you Coach Tomlin haters, be you Black or White (Yeah, there are some of both) put the bus ticket back in your hip pocket.  He ain’t going no-where!!!

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