‘7th Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins admits molesting multiple little girls

Stephen Collins, who played a wholesome minister on “7th Heaven,” created a hell on earth for several young girls sexually abused, authorities said Tuesday.
The real-life NYPD’s Special Victims Unit is investigating allegations that Stephen Collins who allegedly admitted that he molested one girl and exposed himself to two others.
Collins played the Rev. Eric Camden for 11 seasons, molested one young girl and exposed himself to two others. Two of the three victims were in Manhattan, a police source said.
Investigators flew to Los Angeles to interview Collins, 67, about the incidents, which they said took place around 2012, the source said.
“We have an active investigation involving Stephen Collins,” the source said.
Perhaps worse for Collins is this fact: This is not the first time the NYPD has investigated Collins. The actor had been the subject of a sex abuse investigation several years ago, but the statute of limitations on the case ran out, so no charges were ever filed, the source said.
According to a tape confession recorded by Collins’ ex-wife Faye Grant, and obtained by tmz.com, he allegedly admitted to abusing young girls in 2012 during a therapy session with Grant.
The entertainment blog, which listened to the tape, said Collins told his wife that he exposed himself to an underage girl in New York several times over a three-year period. He had also forced the girl to touch his privates.
The abuse began when the girl, who is a relative of his first wife Marjorie Weinman, was 11, he admits on the tape.
“There was one moment of touching where her hand… I put her hand on my penis,” he discloses.
Grant asked Collins if he had an erection when he exposed himself. Collins was perhaps partially forthcoming out of embarrassment.
“No, I mean, no. Partial … maybe, I think.”

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