Field Negro: The Ebola experiment

“The CDC has announced trials of an Ebola vaccine that works only on White people. “
Ok I know the headline featured above is not real; the CDC made no such  announcement. That’s just one of those fake news websites trying to get clicks again.
Still, I know that a lot of you Negroes believe that there is nothing fake about this story, because you know that your government is quite capable of doing nefarious things as it relates to medicine and the Negro.
And before we start laughing at the outrageous nature of that headline, let’s consider, for a moment, that those two American aid workers who contracted Ebola in Africa were given the experimental ZMmapp serum which seemed to work just fine.
the field negrobanner-2
Sadly, for that African in Dallas, there is just not enough of the drug to go around. It seems that his death is almost certain.
His significant other was on CNN with Anderson Cooper complaining that it was not fair that there was not enough of the drug to treat her man.
Of course her man, Thomas Duncan, gets no sympathy from us folks here in America. Apparently he lied to customs officials about coming into contact with the deadly virus. So that precious ZMapp drug will not be available to him.
“The doses with which the US aid workers were treated were manufactured from biologically-engineered tobacco leaves grown at a facility in Kentucky, but it only has extremely limited production capacity.”
Hmm, “limited production”; that means that only certain people will be able to get it when it becomes available.
I can see the look on your faces from here. You Negroes are suspicious.
Alright, let me take a look at that “fake” headline again.


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