Controversy…"In" Double Jeopardy


We experience it in the “hood” on a daily basis. Signs signifying that the “death angel” has signed a 500 year long lease where we live.
Once again, R.I.P. Dayquan, a fellow thug or just another innocent bystander has forfeited their life for an unexplainable reason.
There are times that perpetrators cant discern one day from the next waking up to and falling asleep on; “BET blaxploitation,” video games, real housewives of Atlanta, real husbands of Hollywood, immorality inspired lives.  Far too often many young Blacks view all of the aforementioned as “Gospel.”
These warriors of destruction soak these lies and deception into their fragile and vulnerable sponges disguised as minds, convinced that this garbage is “reality.” Balloons and candles adorning and surrounding telephone poles and anything available to hang “stuff” on to create makeshift memorials for gunned down, murdered children and adults.
How can you rest in peace when you didn’t live in peace?
There are many methods currently in place killing African Americans, namely African Americans but the another apparatus that is running a close second, a very close second is the “injustice” not the “justice” system.
The Ferguson, MO police officer accused of murdering fellow Black Ferguson citizen, Michael Brown is again disregarding the law. It has now been reported that officer Wilson has been a no show to several hearings resulted in the cases being dismissed.
A story written by Polly Mosendz titled; ‘Officer Darren Wilson Is Missing His Court Dates’ was published by The article stated that; ” Since the Ferguson officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown gone into hiding, he has been unable to testify against has suspects he has arrested. Wilson is looking to avoid the media and the public—he has not been seen since August 9—but his absence is starting to impact the job he left behind. It’s now being reported that a total of six criminal cases have been dismissed, because Wilson, as the arresting officer, isn’t showing up to court to testify.
Ed Magee, spokesperson for the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, told NBC News the cases were all dismissed because Wilson “wasn’t available.” Wilson will not be penalized for this act, say Magee, adding “We don’t get people in trouble for not showing up for court.”
Magee told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a case dismissed on Monday was  the “sixth low-level drug case connected to Wilson to be dropped in recent weeks.”
Why should officer Darren Wilson be permitted to go into a self imposed “witness protection program” that is not in place to protect him from dangerous defendant’s?
Michael Brown cannot harm him unless he does so from the grave. If all Wilson is doing is trying to avoid a caustic and volatile public that is still seething as a result of his actions-why don’t the prosecutors take a video recorded testimony from the beleaguered policeman so that certain offenders may be removed from the local population?
What about all of the tip lines that used paltry rewards as “carrots” to induce ordinary citizens to testify and help build the cases for prosecutors, only to have potential witnesses killed before they were able to take the stand to testify?
Why couldn’t they just say they were not “available” to remove themselves from the threats of imminent danger? How many people have been held in contempt of court and bench warrants issued for their arrest for failing to appear?
Magee said, “we don’t get people in trouble for not showing up for court.” This man seems to be a hero with no responsibility or accountability for any of his actions. The law has now become lawless. The uncorrupt now are inferior and are valued less than the corrupt.
When it comes to Black on Black violence many local law enforcement agencies are slow to investigate the crimes and even slower to prosecute them unless the cases are handed to them on a silver platter by a neighborhood witness or a “workhouse” snitch.
Who protects the Black man or woman that may be found dead in their “secure” cells daily under questionable, very questionable circumstances?
It seems like law enforcement agencies in many jurisdictions prefer to “kill three birds with one stone.” By saying that I mean when some violators are given “get out of jail free cards” they are often emboldened to kill rob and steal repeatedly, not being overly concerned or worried about the consequences of their actions, knowing that the possibility existed that outstanding charges could be dismissed or reduced by legal “loopholes.”
However, if Whites were in danger, Wilson would be on the witness stand in crisp, clean dress blues. There are many people that only want to be witnesses to our destruction.
African Americans must not trust in or depend on anyone or any one thing to protect us from any and all evils, individually or as a people. Blacks did not receive protection when we were fully employed on America’s plantations. What circumstances have changed to cause anyone to think that we will be granted full protection by any governing body?
Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: or 412.583.6741 Follow him on Twitter @ultrascribe


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