Pittsburgh, county want more time for 'green' sewer solution

Bill Peduto (Photo by Mark Dixon / flickr)
Bill Peduto (Photo by Mark Dixon / flickr)

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pittsburgh and Allegheny County want the state Department of Environmental Protection to give them more time to include more “green” solutions to the Pittsburgh-area’s sewer system.
The regions antiquated sewers overflow during heavy rains because storm drains are tied to sewers in way no longer permitted under environmental laws. The overflows cause raw sewage to flow into the city’s rivers.
Mayor Bill Peduto wants the DEP to extend a March 30 deadline for a plan to fix the problem so the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority can include more “green” remedies – such as rain barrels, porous pavement and “green” roofs which can soak up rain.
By doing that, Peduto says the need to build “gray” solutions – more, bigger, and better sewers – will be diminished, saving rate payers money.


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