NBA April Madness


It’s April Madness in the NBA. That means playoff time, and there’s one thing for sure at the very beginning. There will be no Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs III. Without LeBron James the Heat didn’t make the playoffs with a 37-45 record.

The match-ups in a very weak East are: the Atlanta Hawks, 60-22 vs. the Brooklyn Nets, 38-44; the Cleveland Cavaliers, 53-29 vs. the Boston Celtics, 40-42; the Chicago Bulls, 50-32 vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, 41-41 and the Toronto Raptors, 49-33 vs. the Washington Wizards, 46-36.

Results so far: Cleveland sweeps Boston, Washington sweeps Toronto, Chicago takes aa 3-1 lead over Milwaukee, and the big surprise, Atlanta and Brooklyn are tied 2-2.


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