Overtime 5-20-15


:10—Yeah, I am at the spot and if I told ya where, I’d have to kill ya!  That being said, while at the spot, Britney Spears popped up on the T.V. and let me just say…WOW!!!  And for all you keep the races separate people out there, and you know who you are…shut up!  She’s fine and you know it.  But just to keep the peace, hear me and hear me loud and clear…Nicki Minaj is…well…uh…okay, the body of body’s.
:09—As promised, here’s your salute to the Penn Hills Eagles Track Club Champions from last week’s invitational.  I was proud to be the guest announcer at the event. It was a class act event. Well done, well organized, great fun, exciting…a 5 star event to be sure.  A tip of the “track hat” to Chaz & Becky Carter and the crew and volunteers for a job well done for the kids and what was great about the day was that it was absolutely trouble free.  No fights. No trouble. No drama.  Just a fantastic day of track and field. Proud – of – you – family! (Special Note:  I apologize for not being able to place all the winners’ names in the paper.  Just not enough space.  For details, go to 2015 UATFJO National Championships.)


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