Overtime 7-1-15… NASCAR dumps flag


:10—Now look, I don’t condone crime any way, shape or fashion and Lord knows I don’t give “do over’s” for murder…but, you were hoping the two escaped convicts on the run for the past two weeks got away weren’t you?  Yes you were . . . Oh c’mon, yes you were.  Oh, so it’s just me huh?  You know you were thinking it, but you just wanted me to say it.  It’s like the late great rockin’ roller Billy Preston once said, “Will it Go Round in Circles…Let the Bad Guy Win Every Once in a While!!!”
:09—Speaking of bad guys, let’s officially call the St. Louis Cardinals the bad guys and we’re the good guys. The problem is the good guys can’t catch the bad guys cause every time the good guys win the bad guys win too and then when the good guys lose the bad guys lose too…get it? When!!!
:08—Speaking of the Pirates, and I just was, if you were paying the least bit of attention, whenever they’re playing Josh Harrison, they need to triple it. Good Lord the man can play every position on the field except pitcher. I mean, I am assuming he can’t pitch. I don’t really know. Not only does he play all spots, he plays them all well.
:07—U.S. Ladies Soccer team advances to the World Cup semi-finals tomorrow against Germany. That’s all I got. Yeah, like you know more! All you’re waiting for is for one of the players to rip their shirt off! A/k/a Brandi Chastain, Olympic champion.
:06—Soooooo, we did Top 10 NBA centers, then we did Top 10 NBA forwards…twice. Now let’s ink in the floor generals.  The Top 10 NBA guards of all time.  No. 1 Michael Jordan (Since he’s a guard, not a guard/forward.)(God, a guy can’t make one mistake!); No. 2 Oscar Robinson (The man averaged a triple double for a season people.); No. 3 Erving “Magic” Johnson (Nuff said!); No. 4 Jerry West (He is, in fact, the logo.); No. 5 Kobe Bryant; No. 6 John Stockton; No. 7 Walt Frazier; No. 8 Bob Cousy; No. 9 Isiah Thomas; No. 10 Nate “Tiny” Archibald. Think you know better? Text me at 412-628-4856 when you get a minute.

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