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Aubrey Bruce
Aubrey Bruce

The art of sleazy, cheesy and wheezy “sports journalism” is getting “funkier” on a daily basis. Totally biased pre-draft reports as well as conspiracies to devalue and demote athletes from “urban areas” is the new blood sport that seems to be approaching “orgasmic” levels in the world of sports reporting and commentary. published a story on July 23, 2015 titled: “Sports Villains,” featuring “hated” players from the NFL, NBA and MLB. Former Florida State University Jameis Winston is on the list and I can’t figure out why. The article points out that; ”He’s yet to take a single snap in the NFL, but he is already hated by many fans. The No. 1 overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was constantly causing controversy during his time at Florida State. Winston was investigated for sexual assault, caught shoplifting crab legs and suspended one game for shouting a vulgar comment in FSU’s Student Union. Former FSU head coach Bobby Bowden recently stated that Winston was “an embarrassment” to the university. If his past is any indication, Winston should have an eventful NFL career.”

The article says that he was “investigated for sexual assault” but didn’t point out that he has since been cleared. As far as stealing crab legs is concerned, he should have paid a couple of million dollars for his services and he would have not been forced to steal dinner, he could have purchased all the crab legs caught snared on the hit television series: “Deadliest Catch.”

For those of you who may not know of or view the show, it is a program where crab boat captains and their crews risk life, limb and their vessels to pluck “King Crabs” from icy Alaskan Waters bringing them to the dinner tables and restaurants of the world. They risk their lives to make a living while Jameis Winston risked his life so that FSU could reap enormous profits from his talent. As far as the latter goes, Winston was not paid one, one, one, single penny for getting hit, and running around the football field for the sake of a “free” education.

Oh but wait stop the music. The article also says that: “FSU head coach Bobby Bowden recently stated that Winston was “an embarrassment” to the university.” As long as Winston chose to be “an indentured servant” to FSU, the school would put up and sympathize with whatever he did, on or off the gridiron. The writer fills in the article by commenting that: “If his [Winston’s] past is any indication, Winston should have an eventful NFL career.” If the present is any indication, Jameis Winston has now been liberated and now will surely have an” eventful career,” Why? Well because he is now free to get paid.

Also on the list is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Why would the name Jameis Winston even be mentioned in the same breath as one of the most prolific cheaters in the history of professional football?

Here’s some of what the article says about Tom Brady. “After New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won the Super Bowl in the midst of the “Deflategate” controversy, the future Hall of Famer became one of the most hated players in the NFL. Suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season, Brady is currently fighting to get the ban overturned.”

Tom Brady is still being promoted as a “future hall of famer” even though it is a fact that the Patriots did not win a Super Bowl before they started cheating, and the only Super Bowl that they won after they were exposed cheating was because of not one of the dumbest, but theeee…..dumbest play call by an opposing coach not only in Super Bowl history but in the history of organized football.

Brady and his head master Bill “Belicheat” Belichick should have been banned from football a long time ago. People want to ostracize and circumcise Jameis Winston for stealing a few tidbits of food but continue to nominate Tom Brady for sainthood and the pro football hall of fame even though he has been and continues to be a proven cheater.

These pseudo journalist’s collude on a daily basis to degrade and devalue many and upgrade and increase the value of a chosen few.  Toni Morrison once said: “definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.” Jameis Winston and all of the others like you, don’t listen to or believe the hype, don’t let others talk you into or make you stay in school performing for free. Know your talent and your value. When it comes to your financial future, go get paid.

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