Overtime…Top 10 pitchers


:10—We swept the Mets…we swept the Mets…weeeeeee swept the Mets!!! That’s all you need to know.
:09—This goes out to all the pretenders. All the people who say they care, that they want to make a difference. That they’re sick and tired of seeing our kids suffer and have nothing to do. Yeah, right! And trust me this isn’t personal. It’s about people who suggest one thing and do another. It sickens me to no end and it continues to show why our kids do suffer. And since I have “The Power of the Pen” here goes. And I hope to God the message gets delivered to the deserving ears. For all those who said they were coming to the Armon Gilliam “Memorial” Hard Work Basketball Camp at the Penn Hills YMCA this weekend and blew it off…you should be ashamed of yourselves. Now don’t get it twisted. I am not talking about those who said from the gate that they couldn’t come. I can respect that. But those of you that made the commitment and backed out, you’re surely suffering from a serious case of memory loss. You’re forgetting how many people sacrificed for you, or that you came to my camp for free when you were a kid, or that my organization honored you at some point or another, or that someone is spending time helping your child to better opportunities…Armon Gilliam Would Be Greatly Disappointed in You!!! Not to worry “Hammer,” me and the skeleton crew of 12 coaches took care of the 87 kids in grand fashion.

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