Field Negro: The F word

I was listening to Van Jones and some other political pundits chop it up on CNN yesterday morning, and Jones was lamenting the fact that the president is being too “lawyerly” in his assessment of the threat that Isis poses to the United States.
He needs to be more forceful as he addresses this issue, and he needs to say with no uncertainty what a serious threat Isis has become to our homeland. I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist of what  he and the others panelists were saying.
Now here is the thing, and this will upset the fear mongers among us, but the truth is that Isis does NOT pose an existential threat to the United States.  Russia poses an existential threat. North Korea poses an existential threat. China poses an existential threat. But Isis (sorry right-wingnuts) does not.
You would never know this of course given the climate of fear and consternation that has been gripping the country. The leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination is calling on us to set up a data base to track Muslims, and he wants to round up their family members and kill them if they are related to terrorists. And, believe it or not, the leader of a large university is calling on his student body to arm themselves and shoot Muslims when they dare to step on his campus.
I wasn’t around Germany in 1933, but I can imagine that this is what it felt like.
Benito Mussolini; Fumimaro Konoye; D. F. Malan; Adolf Hitler; Donald Trump. All these men have something in common. If you pay close attention to what is happening in America , I am sure that you can figure out what it is.

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