Memes that SUPPORT Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers

It is open season on Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton.
The current NFL MVP is taking the vast majority of the blame for the Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, and he is getting condemned nationally from a multitude of outlets for walking out on the press conference in the aftermath.
But to use football parlance, folks are piling on and taking shots at Newton after the whistle had blown the play dead. Small-minded and immature individuals, who harbored great resentment for Newton for a variety of reasons, have taken fiendish pleasure in witnessing his and the Panther’s demise in America’s greatest sporting spectacle.
But some have taken it way too far. Steroid-gobbling and disgraced former player Bill Romanowski called Newton, 26, a “boy.” Another player for the Seattle Seahawks referred to Newton as a female dog (the profane version) and said he can’t wait to play him again, even though the Panthers beat the Seahawks en route to the Super Bowl. And we could go on.
In light of this fact, it should be highlighted that there is a faction of sports nation and urban America who have rallied around the beleaguered quarterback for the positive impact he has and the things he has accomplished in the the league and throughout his collegiate and professional career.
Here are some of the best memes posted on social media in support of Cameron Newton.



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