Triple-doubles are great, but can you win a NBA title? (April 12, 2017)


:10—OKC superstar Russell Westbrook recently broke the legendary Oscar Robertson’s record for most triple-doubles in a season. For those not in the know, that means at least 20 points, double rebounds and double assists. Before Westbrook, the only human being to do it was  “The Big O.” Oscar Robertson, who averaged a triple-double for an entire season in 1962, as great a feat as that is, the question I have for you is…Does that transfer into a championship for the team? I think not. After leading the league in scoring for the umpteenth time and getting unjustly criticized, Wilt Chamberlain led the league in assists the next year. Clearly, he could have done it. You know Michael Jordan could have done it, if he wanted to. As could Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But their focus to a man was about winning championships.
Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) walks to the bench during a timeout against the Phoenix Suns during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Friday, April 7, 2017, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

:09—Think that’s an untouchable NBA record? Here’s a few that truly may never be touched. #10 Rasheed Wallace—41 technical fouls in one season (2001); #9 Walt Bellamy—playing an 88-game regular season (1968-69); #8 A.C. Green—1,192 consecutive games played…and for the record, the same amount of time, and some without any “good loving,” if you know what I mean (Oh, for goodness sake’s people, wake up and smell the coffee…the man was a grown-up, real-life virgin. Do I have to tell you everything?); #7 Dennis Rodman—29.7% single-season total rebound rate (1994-95); #6 Darryl Dawkins—386 personal fouls in one season (1983-84) (That’s 4.7 fouls a game, in case you’re adding up); #5 Bill Russell—11…count ‘em…11 NBA championships! Michael who?; #4 Wilt Chamberlain—Everything!!! He had 50.4 points a game (1961-62) and 17 free throw attempts, per game; #3 Los Angeles Lakers—33-game winning streak (1971-72); #2 John Stockton—3,265 career steals and 15,806 career assists, tied with Michael Jordan’s 10 career scoring titles; And you guessed it… #1 Wilt Chamberlain—100 points in a single game (1962).
:08—Pirates Pitcher Trevor Williams has a 7.24 ERA. But you all keep wondering why I keep screaming about pitching. C’mon man, I can have a 7.24 ERA and I can’t pitch my way out of a Giant Eagle blue bag.
:07—Hey, let me shut up. It’s a Marte-parte. This past Sunday afternoon, a walk-off two-run homer to beat the Braves again…And there was Noooooo doubt about it!!!
:06—Got a call from “The Caller,” last week. He’s not impressed with the 44-plus that Pete Maravich put up, every game, to become the all-time scoring champ. He wants you to know about some guy in Division II basketball that scored more points…as if we care. Call me back, “caller!”
:05—Listen up, everybody. Did ya hear the news? Ben’s not going to retire, after all. Yea, like he really was actually going to give back the $16.8 million he would have owed the Steelers!!!
:04—Your Pittsburgh Pens are gearing up for the playoffs, but the chances to repeat are looking less likely by the day. Injuries are taking a toll at a bad time. They face the Columbus Blue Jackets in the opening round.
:03—Do yourself a favor, not me. One more time, just one more time, watch “Remember the Titans,” starring the great Denzel Washington. It pulls on all the hot spots; competition, love, hate, tears, fears, but most importantly…the will to win! It gets four basketballs out of five, in my book.
:02—A big New Pittsburgh Courier reminder…the 4th Annual Pittsburgh City League All-Sports Hall of Fame is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 21, recognizing and honoring the greatest athletes in City League history, adding to the list that already includes Kenny Durrett, Sam Clancy, Jennifer Bruce, Orin Richburg, Ricky Coleman, Curtis Hefflin and others. Get your nomination to us now, before it’s too late. Call or text 412-628-4856 with your City League legend. Brought to you by none of other than the historic New Pittsburgh Courier, where history is kept!
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