‘Tayler’ made for success (Pittsburgh's own Tayler Kirkland)


IUP freshman named Pittsburgh Promise Executive Scholar
Tayler Kirkland, like many women, loves babies. But Kirkland loves them so much, she wants to make it a profession delivering them.
“I’ve always liked biology or the human body and development, and I really want to be an obstetrician because I love babies,” Kirkland told the New Pittsburgh Courier. “It’s kind of hard to explain why I want to be that, but it’s always been one of my goals.”
The 2016 Pittsburgh CAPA graduate and current Indiana University of Pennsylvania freshman was recently named a Pittsburgh Promise Executive Scholar for Giant Eagle. She is featured on a billboard along Allegheny River Blvd.
The Executive Scholars program matches Promise scholars with Pittsburgh companies who have provided unprecedented support to the Promise. Among those companies are UPMC, American Eagle Outfitters, Highmark, Giant Eagle, PNC and BNY Mellon. The opportunity to be named among the scholars offers invaluable connections and relationships, which could serve as a pipeline for internships and eventual employment.
Executive Scholars of the Pittsburgh Promise are chosen by academic performance in high school with a 3.5 GPA or above, commitment to community, demonstrated leadership skills and dedication to education and their field of study, according to data provided by the Pittsburgh Promise. Forty-five students are chosen out of a field of hundreds.
Kirkland, 19, has volunteered at numerous area functions. She has assisted with gardening in Homewood, and partnered with Nabhi Christian Ministries on coat drives and other positive events.


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