Lifestyles Report …Reality TV gets real (May 17, 2017)


How many of you think reality television is real?  Just what I thought…you aren’t sure. The information I am sharing is purely from my investigation––many hours spent watching reality TV and one brief appearance on an episode of a reality television show. When I say that reality TV is getting real, I was just watching the news and see that Pittsburgh native Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year and a day in prison. Wow! I’ll bet she never expected that to be the outcome of her reality show “Dance Moms.” It’s funny, but she almost got away with her bankruptcy until the judge happened to see “Dance Moms” and realized the lady was making money. Then, Miller went to a real life courtroom and now will soon be behind bars with real life inmates.
Not that the dancers and parents on the show aren’t real, it’s the situations that are “lightly scripted.” I mentioned I had a brief appearance on a reality show, that show was “Dance Moms.” I went to the book signing of Holly Frazier, I had to sign a release before I went into the area where the book signing took place and then when I tried to take pictures of some of the cast members for this paper, I was stopped. I was able to see firsthand that things were somewhat staged.


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