Lifestyles Report …Outer Limits— Officers get their way (May 31, 2017)


It’s been recently reported that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Pittsburgh police officers no longer have to live within the city limits.
“Say it isn’t so.”
I read on that the state’s highest court ruled unanimously on May 22 in favor of the police union, which argued that the option of living outside the city would give officers more choices in schools and housing. It has been a requirement since 1902 that Pittsburgh police officers have to live in the city.
Several years ago city voters made this mandate a permanent part of Pittsburgh’s Home Rule Charter. Mayor Bill Peduto said on the record that police officers should live in the city they serve. I took a survey among a few of my friends and coworkers and they agree that the city officers should live in the city in which they serve.
Why would you want to be a police officer in the city of Pittsburgh and you know there is a requirement that you must live there, but you fight to live outside of the city limits? Your mission should be to make the city where you are an officer of the law a better place for all people to live. I think the city of Pittsburgh is a great place and there are a lot of great neighborhoods to select from. It would be advantageous for the police officers to live in the city, learn more about the city, appreciate the city and get to “know” the residents. I have read stories about officers who live in their community and ones who build relationships with the youth, it makes for a good situation for all.


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