Cover To Cover …‘This is How We Do It’ (Terri's Book Review Aug. 2)

Meet Kian, who is 7 years old.
Living in Iran in an apartment near the Caspian Sea, Kian wears a uniform to his all-boys school, where he studies Farsi and the Quran. One of the things Kian likes to do after school is to go horseback riding, and he enjoys helping take care of his baby brother. He also loves to watch cartoons on TV before going to sleep beneath his favorite blanket.
Now meet you. What is your life like?
Based on seven real families living in countries around the world, “This is How We Do It” is a nice introduction to other cultures and a “typical day” that the worlds’ children might experience.
“The world is a huge place…” says author Lamothe, and though he indicates that his book doesn’t necessarily represent how each culture is, as a whole, it’s still a great way to show your child similarities and differences. Simply-hued pictures allow young readers to see where and how other kids live, what their teachers are like, and what can traditionally be found at the table—and though some of those things may be markedly dissimilar to what your child is used to, variations are noted matter-of-factly. The book ends on a note that ties up its whole meaning nicely.
(“This is How We Do It” by Matt Lamothe, c.2017, Chronicle Books, $17.99, 52 pages.)
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